Komyo Reiki Course: Shoden
First Degree Reiki classes will be given any time there are at least 3 students with a max. of 6.
All classes will be a 2 day course: Saterdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Venue: Reiki Studio; 70 ave. #1062 in between 13 and 15 Cozumel, Mexico Costs will be $150 usd incluiding hand-out.

This course will introduce you to the Usui Reiki Ryoho (Healing Art) and will teach you techniques to (self)healing. What you will learn in this two day intensive course, you will learn a basic knowledge about Reiki and a basic hands on healing art. You'll be initiated into Reiki by means of "Reiju" or "attunement" that will empower you to be a Reiki channel.This class is for beginners who are serious in exploring to learn Japanese Reiki as it was taught in 1930s in Japan.

Komyo Reiki Kai, the system Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei has created, presents Reiki as it was understood and commonly practiced in the 1930's in Japan. This system places emphasis on spiritual enfoldment through the practice of Reiki Ryoho, aiming for "satori" or enlightenment.

1st Level Class Outline:

What you will learn is how to receive Reiju or attunements

Komyo Reiki Kai® Purpose -As we believe that the basis of genuine happiness is good health, we strive to improve the mind and body, and maintain optimal health by means of daily Reiki Ryoho practice. Through Reiki practice, we continue to cultivate and uplift our spirituality in order to attain the ultimate objective of Reiki Ryoho, which is “Satori” (individual enlightened understanding). Komyo Reiki® is a gateway to this spiritual awakening as well as to "Anshin Ritsumei" (absolute inner peace).