Joy of Light

Back living in Mexico I started participating in meditation groups, metaphysical courses, yoga.

But still I did not study Reiki myself

Until I participated one day in a Matrix Energy Clearing workshop. While we were practicing clearing painful blockage points I felt no blockages but an unstoppable desire to lay my hands on my fellow students to stop them from suffering. I felt my hands literally burning.

Shortly here after two very well-known Reiki Masters from the Netherlands came to Cozumel Mexico where I had been living since. With them I finally had my first Reiki initiation. It was a powerful transformative experience.

After one year I wanted to profound this experience and found in Guadalajara my Reiki Masters from the Gendai Reiki Association from Japan. With them I did Okuden (second degree) and Shinpiden (third degree).

Having Reiki in my life and be able to give Reiki healing to others gave me an even deeper appreciation of the mind-body-spirit link. I realize we are just part of natural system . Promoting Reiki represents the maintenance of a harmoniously balanced society.