Plans and Real Life
"hands on"

But I wanted to travel again. I took a sabbatical year. My idea was to transfer the South American Continent but I ended up staying and living in Mexico for three year.

Getting more and more interested in the Mexican culture I went back to study it academically. I finished my degree in Latin American history and Cultures at the Leiden University.

In my last year of study my son was born. When he was just 10 months old something happened what changed my perception of life. My son became very sick with meningitis. He was in a coma and the hospital doctor told me that we had to prepare ourselves, his life chances were estimated 10%.

From that moment I focused nonstop of sending him one message “you are going to live”…

He was transferred to a Hospital in Rotterdam specialized in children. They gave me a room next to him to sleep. While I was sleeping my brother took over the vigilance. My brother practiced Reiki, although not professionally. I really believe that, besides the excellent care of the Hospital, the prayer of the family in Mexico and all the love send from family and friends; the Reiki healing helped my son recuperating 100 percent without any (predicted) health problems. I was convinced that Reiki worked! Also I got faith in the power of the mind.