San Gervasio

Life revolved around religious ceremonies. San Gervasio is the site with the largest remaining ruins.

The Mayans believed the island to be a sacred shrine. Religious pilgrimages were common to the island especially from women who were either pregnant or wanted to get pregnant. They paid homage to the goddess Ix Chel. It was a tradition among the Maya People in general to make the trip at least once in their lifetime to the shrine of this goddess.

Cozumel, although hardly comparable to the monumental Dzibanche, the popular Chitzen Itza, the mysterious Ich kabaal, the old Chacchoben, the exotic Tulum; or the powerful Ek Balam, has the only house of this goddess in the whole Mayan world.

San Gervasio preserves a humble character that still today inspires respect regardless of the many onslaughts throughout history ranging from the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the pirates that used the island to supply and repair their ships, or the consequences of a growing population.